4 Steps to Make Marketing Automation do your Job during your Vacation

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Long relaxed days in the sun. Barbecues in the evening followed by warm summer nights. Quality time with close ones. Going out to sea and jumping into the big blue from the deck. A visit to the summer cabin. Hours in the hammock with a new book.
What are your plans for this summer holiday?


And maybe even more important, how do you want to feel during the summer?


If you are like me, it’s easy to slip into thinking about work during the holiday. Even if I manage to shake the thought of something I have to do or something I miss out on while taking time off from work, the thought of coming back to an overwhelmed desk after the holiday sometimes lingers. This was before I knew about Marketing Automation.


We all have planned to take different weeks off work this summer. Which means that while you are on holiday, somebody else might be working and in need of you or your service/product. As every marketing expert knows, it’s always important to strive for being top of mind. If we don’t do our marketing during the summer we risk that our leads get colder and we miss out on potential customers that otherwise would have been ready to buy when  autumn arrives.


I decided to keep this simple. Maybe you already have a certain summer campaign planned, maybe you only need to keep up the good work with your marketing. Here is your checklist for a stress free summer and a ticket to a positive comeback after the holiday:


  1. If you don’t already have a Marketing Automation system, invest in one and insert your contacts.
  2. Make sure you have done some great newsletters or summer-emails that are set to fire off in July and August. I suggest making the content simple since the hot wheather makes us want to read something light and easy. If you want information about what your customers opened, read and clicked on in the newsletter simply click on ‘track links’ in your marketing automation system.
  3. Track your websites! This is easily done by basically copy-paste tracking codes into your website. This way your tracking of your potential customers will be completed after they click on links in the newsletters.
  4. Go on vacation and after the summer you will be coming back to hot leads, a clear picture of what your target audience likes most in your content and what to act on next to get some sales.

If you want to try our own Marketing Automation system Otto, we are more than happy to help you through the process, with our help we can make it even easier for you!

Want to read more about how you can boost your marketing during the summer? Here is a related article with 3 ways Otto can improve your Social Media Campaigns during the summer.

Just relax. Let the Marketing Automation system do the work for you and start off the autumn with some great results! Enjoy your summer!

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