Volley Marketing - B2B Inbound Marketing that does Outbound

It’s time to discover who visits your Web Page.

Volley Marketing: Collect, Engage & Close by combining 3 databases with Marketing Automation

You decide which industries and titles you are looking for, and Otto will automatically purchase the contact information and engage them for you.
Webpage visitors from major organizations will become radar points “Radar Blips” in Otto, then you can decide what kind of contacts on the visiting company you are looking for. Contact information will be automatically stored in Otto so you can start communicating with them immediately.
At least 300 contacts per month, and yes you can use everything by asking about other specific companies

Get started risk-free now with our Double Guarantee

We always want to deliver the best and to the best value we can and we want you to be completely satisfied. Therefore, we offer our Double Guarantee with the best value and absolute satisfaction: If you find another product with as much or more functionality at a lower price, we’ll do our best to get you the same benefits and will beat the price for all the future, and if we can’t, or if you’re not completely satisfied, you can always leave and and will be refunded any payment for a time more than 30 days out.

There are a couple of different sizes of Otto, from the lone entrepreneur to larger companies. You can easily start with the lowest model and then add users after a while. See Otto’s larger packages here.

We suggest you start with Otto® Light with Volley Marketing that includes much or perhaps all of what you need already:

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