B2B & B2C Marketing Automation - What does it do?

A must for B2B & B2C-sales as buyers have changed behavior.

I think you already see that the Buying Process of your customers has changed into doing much more research, particularly on-line, before a contact is made with suitable suppliers. This means that you need a thorough process to catch also this early interest. The lead capturing, nurturing and scoring capabilities of Marketing Automation will give you an edge in having a functioning process for acquiring more sales qualified leads via both inbound and outbound marketing. You have definitely come to the right place!

Sell Complex Products …or simple. Or just your service.

The lead nurturing and scoring capabilities of Marketing Automation are keys to be able to convey to your customers your value add, and it will allow you to score leads so you know with whom to begin to strike while the iron is hot to quicken the process to sale and profits.

Do-it-Yourself? or Rent-a-Marketer?

Otto is easy to work with due to its gamified in-line tutorial, it comes with three (3) free step-by-step weekly webinars, and you can expect good phone and e-mail support if you decide to implement all campaigns yourself. If you prefer us to do it, our Rent-a-Marketer service can most often do at least 80% of a full-time employee when it comes to lead-generation, but during only 20% of the time, leading to a great effect at lowest possible cost when you prefer a managed solution.

Up-sell or new sales primarily? Otto help you do both:

Is it more important for you to up-sell to existing clients, or to attract new leads? Otto help you do both: You should work with Marketing Automation to nurture and informing the clients you already have to create a desire to consume more of your products or services. With the help from Otto you can also easily launch trial campaigns at a low cost to try to find customers outside todays installed base.

Research shows results that are almost hard to believe:

According to Forrester Research your customer acquisition cost would be reduced by 33% by using Marketing Automation.
Gartner Group and CSO Insights say that it is possible to save the implementation cost within the first 6-9 months and we often see it faster.
Something that we strongly believe in but also think depends on the line of business/industry is that we have seen how order values generally increased as a result of using Marketing Automation. We have seen that the more complex a deal is, the higher are the order values and Annuitas Group believes that it would lead to a generally 47% higher order value. If the most important way to reach new customers is through booking meetings and/or through cold calls, then the results from Forrester Research fits well with our observations of the effects at our clients that use our services and the Marketing Automation system named Otto® of reaching around 40-60% more.

Great effects on website convertion to leads

There is not much external information or dataon how much more leads you can actually get from websites using Marketing Automation but Aberdeen Group means speaks of a 450% increase, Bull Solutions speaks of 3 times more and we have ourselves seen between 150% to 1700% lead-increase.

What do you want to accomplish?

Converting web-visitors:

1) With most Marketing Automation systems, you can capture leads through call to actions to fill in forms. Naturally, you can do this in a simple way with Otto, too, and you can even do it in more advanced ways that most other systems can’t handle, e.g. by showing the form at the end of a video in which you urge the visitor to leave his details.
2)However, Otto is even more unique in something very simple to set up that other systems can’t do at all: Otto has the ability to capture the actual organization behind just a visitor’s IP-address AND to find out the e-mail address of the job-function you want to reach when it comes to businesses so you can even follow-up automatically. The database extends across all of Europe so far with millions of up-to-date records.

Getting more sales qualified leads:

Otto will deliver qualified leads by capturing website visitors, following-up event participants and client discussions through communication a little at a time (also known as drip marketing or lead nurturing). This allows your leads to interact through answering and clicking what information is most interesting for them and thereby making them qualify themselves to a higher lead-score until you know it’s worthwhile to interact on a more personal level to drive sales.

Getting more web traffic:

With the outbound marketing features of Otto, you can certainly drive significantly more traffic to your site. Now, of course, this is primarily to be able to score your leads and to move them further in your sales process. For completely new traffic, Otto will rather help you harness these, but still, the Rent-a-Marketer Managed Marketing Automation service of Cnvert will certainly also help you to set up campaigns that will drive more traffic, too.

Convert to sales:

If you want to follow up existing leads and customers to make them buy more, then you and Otto are going to be great friends! it’s easy to set up long-term communication with our templates and suggestions, and then Otto will very efficiently help you build that long term relationship with your customers to transform them into frequent buyers and returning customers.

Finding out the buying-process

To track and monitor the customers’ decision and buying process is easily made with Otto which enables you to get a complete overall view of how the customers react and interact after promotions and what they like on your website. It will even help you trigger new actions to e.g. ask them a very specific question only if they’re interested in a particular piece of your content.

Save time:

The magazine Sales Insights claim that 10h/week of a sales-representative’s time is spent prospecting, and only 16h actually talking to clients to close deals. In order to get more client-time, Otto will reduce the time of prospecting and follow-up. .

Otto® Marketing Automation will particularly support you with the following kind of Marketing:

Web Marketing:

You have obviously realized the benefit with traffic to your website but how about monitoring the traffic, capturing the visitors and converting them into real contacts that become customers where you can measure the RoI? All this is possible with the help from Otto working as your automated customer acquisition system.

Content Marketing:

When you spend time writing good content. You’ll likely benefit greatly from it, but it can be tricky to monitor what its worth unless you measure the RoI also from the time you spend. You’ll also want to be sure to use the content as news you send out, and by using Otto, you can also get double the effect as much material also can be re-used for long-term lead nurturing sequences.

E-mail marketing:

The unique architecture of Otto actually builds every e-mail one-by-one and includes both text and html-e-mails. This means your recipients are 3-5 times more likely to act since they can see exactly who is the sender (one or each of your representatives to his respective contacts) and using links that users dare to click on when they hover over them. Naturally, e-mails can still be personalized based on the information about the sender and receiver. You choose if it should look like a designed newsletter or as if you just sent it one and one from Outlook even if you actually sent it to 1000s.

Event-followup up:

Use Otto® to register users for the seminars, webinars or other events you’re throwing, and use it to follow-up from trade-shows. Make sure to register all your new potential customers in the system and Otto takes over from there making sure that each is followed-up and nurtured into sales qualified leads.


To actually call potential clients are obviously among the best way to get real answers and customers. When you combine telemarketing with lead nurturing and scoring also using e-mail, print or sms, you will get 40-60% more of “YES” and you will know exactly which 15% it’s worth to come back to.

Digital print marketing:

When you’ll use Direct Marketing, you’ll benefit from the QR-codes and the short PURLs (Personal URLs) that Otto® will give you on the form be2.co/xyzabc which will help you track contacts & their actions. (Extra option).

Otto® Marketing Automation has the following more specific features, all included apart for a few extra options:

"Standard" Marketing Automation:

As you can expect from a Marketing Automation system, Otto performs the basic Lead Management features: Lead Capturing, Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring very well.


From Otto® you could send Newsletters as well, but more importantly, a number of clients have tried it against Mailchimp, Apsis and other typical Newsletter Web-services and have found 3-5 times better action due to each mail being built and sent one-by-one from Otto with the real e-mail of one (or many) senders to the contacts of each as if it was sent directly from Outlook. Even the links are more inviting to click, since they’ll go directly to your site (but will still be trackable with the Otto tracking script).

CRM and Lead Management:

Many CRM-systems are cumbersome for the sales representatives and can’t be used for bulk-handling of contacts for marketing purposes at all. Since Otto will allow you to do both the bulk-handling and the one-by-one handling in a very fast and efficient way, we suggest you try it out as a CRM-system as well, unless you already have one of course. In that case it’s easy to integrate with the one you have.

Simple Survey:

Create as many surveys as you’d like and have the user responses be written directly into the client information you have, and automatically trigger actions based on answers.

Seminar, webinar & other event-bookings and registrations:

Create the full sequence of invitations, booking-forms, and reminders in a way that will show the highest professionalism and the highest turn-out for you with the most minimal effort.

Meeting Booking system:

Support for quickly dialing through your lists using Click to Dial, and the ability to not only set up meetings for yourself, but also for one or multiple third parties that supports not only Outlook, but also Google and iPhone calendars makes Otto the ideal system for a Meeting Booker.

Trackable Quote-maker:

Create PDF or HTML Quotes with links to which you can track whether your prospective client is really interested or not.

Marketing and Pipeline RoI-tracker:

Track whether a campaign is really giving the effect that you expect at the money spent, and track where are your current deals in the process with a client.


With Otto you can have web-site visitors from business organizations written directly into Otto, and you have three choices to start to communicate with the individuals behind your web-visits:
i) Call and find out yourself,
ii) Let Softtalk call and find out who to talk to (extra Option), or
iii) Automatically read contact details with e-mail addresses to leading company officials from Bisnode so you can automatically start communicating with them. (Extra option).

Social Media Integration:

With powerful Hootsuite-integration, suddenly it will become easier to reach out with what you have to say. (Extra Option)

SMS sendouts:

With the added SMS-integration, you would be able to add SMS to your notifications and nurturing. (Extra option)

Easy to get started Gamified in-line tutorial, Support and Training is included.

Otto comes with a built-in, gamified tutorial so you’ll quickly pick-up how to reap all benefits of the system and at the same time, you’ll see how well you know it compared to others!

You’ll also benefit from our support, and a 3 x 45 min webinar series that you’re eligible to sign up for when you have your own system:
Otto Training times & Dates.

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