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Rent a Marketer at 1/4 the cost of employing one

Whether you want to have someone to actually contact your leads directly, to access best practices, lay out or adopt new strategies for taking your marketing programs to the next level, we have a solid solution to alleviate your marketing budget while getting the max effect out of it!

The cost of an in-house full-time marketing expert is far greater than many departments can handle, or let alone require. Therefore we are able to offer you a professional marketer that drives not just customer engagement, but real business results at a fourth of the cost of hiring. Someone with the expertise and flexibility needed to deliver the right stuff within a reasonable amount of hours. Thus, the benefit of outsourcing your online efforts could be essential to both your bottom line and to the success of your overall brand image.

Once a week, you’ll have a business generating marketing professional at your disposal that can be equipped with some of the leading marketing automation systems on the market like Otto®, Vendemore, Bisnode, Google and MyNewsDesk.

Use the 80/20-rule to your benefit
How can we make it this affordable? Our marketeers will work with max four clients, changing hats every lunch. This allow a full afternoon on following-up, organizing, and write material and even to sleep on it for the maximum effort until lunch the next day. In this way, we can also set aside Friday afternoon and Monday morning for coaching and jointly discussing challenges to make the rest of the week so much more efficient.

We believe we in this case can offer 80% of the results of a full time employee to about 20-25% of the cost!

Marketing activities can include:

  • Lead-Generator: Increase your reach via proactive marketing generating the right kind of exposure in your network and industry, and benefit from accumulating qualified leads
  • E-marketer: Attract new subscribers by sending them well crafted visual email newsletters and correspondence and access instant reports on the results
  • Telemarketing: Calling your leads if that is needed in order to qualify them.
  • Social Media Coordinator: Improve your social media expertise and social ROI by managing and updating multiple accounts at once i.e. Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn
  • SEO Coordinator: Set up the Search Engine Optimization Strategy you need if necessary.
  • Website Management: Increase performance of your marketing communications on the website by content updates and managing your internet reputation
  • Data Analysis: Launch strategic responses to a wealth of customer insights derived from email marketing and tracking/analytics data.
  • Web Marketer: Maintain Google Adwords and/or banner ads to optimize ROI

Reports to: Director of Sales/CEO/CMO on a weekly basis with the following data:

  • Campaign results: provides vital data on campaign success such as click performance, amount of opened emails, what urls were clicked etc.
  • Leads gathered from calls or website visits accompanied by contact details and sales ready leads indentified by lead scoring (inserted into CRM if applicable)

Additional services:

  • Otto® – an efficient system that puts unprecedented power into the hands of our skilled marketer to automate and optimize successful and lead generating campaigns.
  • A project managed marketing plan developed in collaboration with you with periodic reviews and updates.
  • Weekly coaching and support by our team of experienced and creative marketers.

Terms and Conditions

  • We provide office space, utilities and other operating costs free of charge
  • If applicable: Additional expenses incurred such as Advertising (Adwords- and banners, or purchases of contacts) will be added to your account
  • After a work-shop to get started, we set up an Agreement that will run for 2-3 months and then continuously with one month’s notice unless agreed differently.

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