Contact & Lead Management: CRM vs Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation with a CRM or a CRM with Marketing Automation?

Is Marketing Automation superior to CRM?
When asking this question it is difficult to outline a clear winner. When it you look at the individual functions that each organisation needs, both Marketing Automation & CRM systems have alternating strengths. Our Marketing Automation system excels in capturing new leads, helping to reach your annual KPI’s & drive all round ROI. However the CRM systems helps in organizing your contact database and helping your sales team drive more sales.

How do Marketing Automation & CRM systems compare?

To put it as simply as possible, Marketing Automation is used to capture leads, to nurture them and to score them, and to manage hundreds, thousands or even higher quantities, and build relationships fully automatically. A traditional CRM-system is generally used to structure and organize various data and client information in your sales process.

To illustrate, a traditional CRM-system won’t really do anything for you on its own; it’s like a car that requires a driver whereas a marketing automation system is like a train; it takes you to your destination while you sit back and relax – well you get the idea.

While you can run our system as a standalone solution, we have the capabilities needed to accommodate those who wish to integrate our marketing automation system Otto® with a CRM-system e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM etc. The benefit would be an all-in-one solution providing more structure, control and organization of data from various sales and marketing activities.

List Management

Otto® is all about managing and monitoring hundreds or thousands of contacts and get to the next level by e-mail automation. This basically means that a sales rep can reach out to 200 qualified leads instead of 20, and a sales organization can access 1000s of warm leads instead of making 100s of cold calls per month.

Otto® comes with flexible list capabilities meaning that you can easily create segmented contact/client lists by simply sorting and selecting data from a multitude of criteria and variables. A sensible thing to do is separating the ones who’ve bought from you already (customers/clients) from general contacts (members, leads, prospects, partners).

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