Tracking, Lead Capturing via IP-address and Lead Scoring


Otto® has a built-in website visitor-tracker which lists all website traffic from organizations. The tracker conveniently provides more information and automated actions than general IP-to-organization tracking systems. Ever since Google Analytics stop publishing the IP addresses of your website visitors it has made it harder you companies to determine who is actually visiting. So Otto® has enbaled this feature for you with our IP tracking script and even takes it one step further, throughour partnership with Bisnode and our Volley Marketing feature.

Lead Capturing

Combining our IP address tracking with the ability to place optimized forms on your website which will maximise your chances of capturing the contact details & email addresses of your most interested customers. Our forms give you the best chance of capturing the website visitors that will obviously be your most important and warmest leads for your sales team. With these contacts you have the ability of assigning lead scores to whoever fills out your forms and you then have the ability to tracko which web pages they have visited and adjust their lead score accordingly.

If you gather a large number of website traffic it is just as importnat to have the ability to filter some contacts. For example with 50 000 visitors/month, it’s equally important to filter out unknown/uninterested contacts as it is to filter out the most valuable leads. Otto® has a sophisticated filter out function for data such as:


  • Only those who represents a “real” organization, i.e. web-site visitors who do not surf from home, a mobile phone or from smaller organization with e.g. an ADSL-access (filter out examples if you cannot see which organization the visitor belongs to).
  • search-terms used to get to the site, and/or
  • what campaigns a user enters from, and/or
  • what other pages the user visited
  • Only those visiting pages which are of high commercial intent for you (a visit to a particular pricing-page e.g. most often meaning a more mature lead than the visit to any general info-page)
  • Only contacts with a real e-mail address who’ve either filled out a web form or who’ve clicked on a link previously sent from you.
  • You’ll be able to divide and assign leads based on many factors such as: lead-score, visits to most important pages, by region or any other factor, or manual down-to per visitor.