GDPR checklist for B2B companies

That much? You're kidding me?!

The Honey-Trap that may cost you 20 M€

Hmm, I'd like to know more about that...

Let us be specific

The market is overloaded with what GDPR means from a legal perspective, particularly for B2C companies. However, we haven’t seen any concrete business plans for B2B companies and much on how it will affect you and your business.

We also haven’t seen any warnings for what web-trolls are very likely to try to do during next summer that may cost you 4% of your turnover or up to 20 MEUR. We’ll sort that out, too.

Ah, now we're talking...

What about opportunities?!

We will make sure you will have a crystal clear picture on how to proceed and how to audit your data and “awake the dead”. This is an excellent opportunity for you to “build your audience” so you can keep there eyes and ears and have them come by over and over again.

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