Get help to check NPS (Net Promoter Score)

If your question is: How can I get help to check our NPS? (Or Net Promoter Score?)

We will show you how we at Cnvert will help you do it in the most professional and affordable way, so you should have early indications of your own score even as soon as a week from now.

Cnvert is a Swedish company specializing in marketing & follow-up through Marketing Automation and we always strive for swift and good results for our clients all around the world.

Anyone can really check a Net Promoter Score, but we know we’ll be one of the few to also be able to help you with the automated follow-up to really improve it for the future, and our own high automation makes it possible for us to do it at a very competitive price for your benefit.

This is how it works:

1. We’ll set it up and send you a test-sample of how the question could look like…

…for your review so you feel 100% OK with the way the question is asked.

It can be more text-based, have a more specific question, or use even more imagery if you so prefer.

2. Tell us which contacts to ask

Normally, just the name, company and e-mail addresses will do fine, but if you don’t have the e-mail address of everyone, we can potentially help you get hold of them via phone which can sometimes be done as a little longer project at a price per call around 5€ (dependent on available contractors).

3. The question will go out, and you will start to receive the first answers…

If you don’t think the results you get from the first send-out is enough, you will get up to three (3) send-outs included in the price for 2500 contacts *

4. Done! Your NPS is calculated

Not only will you get your score from -100 to +100 (You can read up more on how that works in this post about NPS. You’ll also be able to see exactly which ones answered what so you can follow up manually with these.

If you prefer to have an automatic follow-up, that may even be better, and it will cost €99/month for as long as you need. If you prefer to not only find out your Net Promoter Score once, but rather want to pop the question at the end of every customer support ticket, or by all means, by the end of all communication, that is absolutely possible to set up, too, and that, too, is just €99/month.

Get started risk-free now with our Double Guarantee

We always want to deliver the best and to the best value and we want you completely satisfied as we hope you’ll return also next year, or if you prefer to follow-up every month. Therefore, we offer our Double Guarantee with the best value and absolute satisfaction: If you find another service with as much or more included at a lower price, we’ll do our best to get you the same benefits and will beat the price for all future, and if we can’t, or if you’re not completely satisfied, you can always leave and will be refunded any payment for a time more than 30 days out.

Bonus: We’ll also give you the bonus possibility to follow-up with each category of Detractors, Passives and Promoters differently

Get it directly: €999

…or Call +46 31 31 34 370 or E-mail us!

* Up to 2500 contacts included, above that, an additional €25 per 1000 contacts apply