Which sales organization for highest RoI?

Cold Calling & Complex Sales & Marketing Automation for lowest cost of sales
This seems paradoxical but technology has come great lengths in helping us to be able to be more personal with more potential customers than without using technical automation.

Let’s compare cold calling sales with and without marketing automation.

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The white paper primarily discusses the different ways to organize a sales force, the associated costs, and it will also describe what parts in the sales process that you can automate.

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The short version of Complex Sales on Autopilot & Marketing Automation
Let’s say you work with cold calling via phone or e-mail with a follow-up meeting, and you have a very efficient organization pushing the very limits of what can be done with both “inside sales” meeting bookers and external sales representatives; likely in a ratio of one booker per two field-sales. The maximum they’ll be able to perform is four meetings per day for each sales guy, totalling 40 meetings per week for a team of 1+2 booker/sales guy, and they can do it 43 weeks of the year for these three give or take some holidays.

The total cost for having one sales call in such an efficient organization would then be €140. Considering most organizations would not be that efficient, the real cost is actually around €300 for most organizations. Some Googling on Internet also provides some similar numbers from $120-$330 for ultra-efficient sales organizations, and then assumes no benefits & no holidays.

The white paper discusses these types of costs in detail for different kinds of organizations. The essence of where marketing automation can help you in cold calling and field sales is that sure enough, its web-lead-generation-capabilities alone may get you more leads to handle in total, but even more importantly if you just take cold calling and not the web into account, it will be able to give you both a pre-qualification and an automated follow-up to provide feedback on the lowest hanging fruit also over time, so you’ll know you’re working hotter leads and thereby can close more sales at a lower cost. The latter stems from the following findings:

The typical outcome of the typical sales call is that:

  • 2/10 meetings will be “hot”, and they’re basically handled by themselves since a good sales guy won’t drop these opportunities.
  • 6/10 meetings will be “good vibrations meetings”, but whatever excuse makes it impossible to do something right now.
  • 2/10 meetings are a bit of a waste of time.

Furthermore, only about a third of “good vibrations” meetings will ever lead to becoming “hot” if just the sales guy is to control the follow-up. Here is the biggest win, as there will be as many as another third that you will be able to spot having grown into being more ripe as time goes by using marketing automation.

7% will be no-shows or late-cancellations. We’ve seen this can be reduced to 4% as recipients will really feel more committed having been primed by the pre-meeting information.

Also, about 5% do cancel due to lack of interest or for reasons unknown but rest assured that the majority of these would never have turned into customers, or would have been hard sells rarely worth the cost involved anyway. This means you rather save the expense and reduce time spent in vain.

Some common questions:
How much work does it require?
Well it does require some effort, but it’s an effort that we would like to help you minimize by suggesting: schedule about an hour for updating your sales staff, set aside about four hours for an interview with your sales or marketing manager and/or possibly with your area expert in order to put the process in place. Once it’s in place, there’s no real change in behavior necessary, rather you’ll see that it will be put to good use quite easy!

Will this replace my CRM-system, or will I need to get a new one?
No, we don’t need to replace any CRM-system, and you don’t even need to have one. In fact, it can be used as a standalone system. CRM-systems are great for organizing your contacts, and we will gladly help you integrate with any CRM-system be it Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM etc.

Is it the same system I would use also for Web Lead Generation and Event Follow-Up?
Absolutely, there is no extra cost associated with using the system for all three areas, we rather encourage you to utilize all its capabilities!

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