Lead Capturing: Catch your Web-Visitors with Marketing Automation

What we do for you:

a) Turn more visitors into leads: Lead Generation

We help you to respectfully ask your web-site visitors for their contact info in exchange for a goodie from you. It can be:

  • A PDF to download,
  • A physical sample that you ship to the user, or
  • An e-mail school teaching the web-site visitor learn how to do something, like the one below , that can help you understand how to use this service e.g. Try it out!

b) Warm up your leads to save time & Money: Marketing Automation

It doesn’t matter if you are using basic lead generation techniques now, using marketing automation you will get more leads faster.

Then you’ll benefit from using the full-fledged Marketing Automation capabilities of our Otto®-system that does much more than just run simple web-forms: We can help you design a whole automated follow-up process (or do it yourself right in the system).

It’s easy to tailor it to just the right amount of human touch for your business. It may sound automatic & robotic, but if used the right way, both on-line and off-line, it will be perceived as a great service which helps you to build relationships with your visitors at a fraction of the cost of doing it all manually.

Try it in action: Sign up for our free E-Mail School on Lead Generation & Marketing Automation:

Henrik Rudberg, Marketing Automation Expert
“I’ll tell you my experience on how to gain the most and avoid the pitfalls with lead generation and marketing automation with drip campaigns.

I’ve made an effort to make it worth your while, no matter if you decide to use our product Otto.”

How do we make it work for you?

We create a form that fits your home-page and our skilled copywriters work with you to write text that will really get the user hooked on wanting to know more from you

We guarantee you will get more contacts or your money back! (Just tell us within 30 days from purchase if you’re not satisfied with the work of our Delivery Manager).

The contact will automatically get the requested information, and you can automatically feed this contact with more useful information so he thinks well of you, to ultimately help him to buy your products.

You can choose if you want to close the deal:

  • In person,
  • Via your existing order-system, or
  • We’ll even help you set up an on-line order cart, an ordering process also for complex sales via our Decision-Assistant or even a full-fledged e-commerce site based on the award-winning Magento E-commerce system if you don’t have one already.

Why is this good for you?

You will attract many more leads. The reason we’re so confident that we’re willing to give you a full guarantee that it works is simply because it works so well. The american CEO Vistage organization says the method constantly bring at least 15% more leads to its members. But quite frankly, we are often see doubling or tripling the amount of leads, and our own current record now is 17 times(!) as many.

Your sales people will save much time since they get notified of the lowest hanging fruit, e.g. those who have clicked a link in an e-mail.

We will help you to use the communication-on-autopilot method which builds much stronger relationships and thereby buying-behavior with your user, so you’ll notice that you get a “buy” and not a “sale” which will lead to happier customers and stronger business in the long-run.

Ok, how much does it cost me to try it?

NOTHING if you have more than 100 relevant visitors to your web-site per week and it wouldn’t work for you. Otto® is the system that make it work, and, right now, we are offering our money back guarantee on our products. So if you are not satisfied with the results you see from Otto within the first 30 days, Cnvert will refund your money! Try it now!

Who are we at Cnvert? Our Mission? Help businesses automate their sales.

Here below is a brief overview, or read our story on how Cnvert came to be.
Locale expertise – with Off-shore development
…are our strengths which gives us a good price & deliverability and it allow us to offer complete solutions in addition to our own Lead-Generation and Marketing Automation product. We do such work within:

Web (design to get action from visitors and easy-to-use content management systems in leading WordPress, Joomla or Drupal)
E-commerce (set up and adapt world-leading Magento-system)
Event-followup to get the most out of Trade Shows
A correctly and adapted Google Adwords (& Facebook + LinkedIn) strategy to find most amount of leads at the lowest price.
CRM-system with integration, implementation & education in world-leading systems like Microsft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and SugarCRM.
Strategyworkshop/coaching to find the right sales processes and channels.
We have now delivered almost 70 projects with off-shore development. Our closest development partners are in the Baltics and Ukraine who can solve just about any problem in both Microsoft and Linux/Unix environment and we have also awarded a minimum of five projects in each of Pakistan, India, USA and Romania and additional one-off projects in e.g. Malaysia and Peru which gives us a good ground to get both an affordable price and the right competency.

Social Media Integration

With powerful Hootsuite-, WordPress- and Buffer-integration, suddenly it will become easier to reach out with what you have to say across all media. (Extra option)

Get started risk-free now with our Double Guarantee

We always want to deliver the best and to the best value we can and we want you to be completely satisfied. Therefore, we offer our Double Guarantee with the best value and absolute satisfaction: If you find another product with as much or more functionality at a lower price, we’ll do our best to get you the same benefits and will beat the price for all the future, and if we can’t, or if you’re not completely satisfied, you can always leave and and will be refunded any payment for a time more than 30 days out.

There are a couple of different sizes of Otto, from the lone entrepreneur to larger companies. You can easily start with the lowest model and then add users after a while. See Otto’s larger packages here.

We suggest you start with Otto® Light that includes much or perhaps all of what you need already:

Try now: $99/month

…or Call +44 20 33 18 62 90 or E-mail us!