Sales funnel = buying process

You must look at your own sales process as your client’s buying process, and Marketing Automation will help you do that:

It also means you should use words that both the buyer and the seller can relate to, such as going from Radar Blip to Contact to Aware to Interested to Engaged to Potential to Client to Ambassador.

Our philosophy

We know many will show you a sales process like a funnel (or a pipe-line) with a bunch of colors, but look at it this one and you’ll notice:


  • Most importantly: The wording. You’ll see many talk about a sales process with steps showing “Market Qualified Leads (MQL)” and “Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)”. We like to use words that makes sense BOTH for the buyer and the seller. It is because the sales process should be a spitting image of the buying process of your buyer!
  • Also, it’s not just ending in a client, but your base should be expanded with the goal of creating ambassadors. This is also very important for the clients, considering their most important journey with you begin at the client-stage.
  • Colors: Steps between levels of being Interested up to Potential are really where you want to use signal colors.