Most Credible Marketing for a Café, Hotel, Restaurant or Bar

Get inspired with the story of how a small billboard led to the sharpest way for Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars to get more customers through better Google Reviews.

A small inconspicuous sign.

A sign with small text that still echoed big when I let it sink in:

Satisfied? Tell others.
Dissatisfied? Tell me.

I asked the owner how she felt about the effects, to which she confessed to me she didn’t think she got much effect at all!

Such a shame that some people are so shy.

Such a shame that some people wouldn’t give you a chance to correct what may have just been a misunderstanding.

Such a shame that they don’t get to have someone to remind them to share what a nice experience they had with you before the feeling fades away.

But you can do so much better…

That very evening, I started thinking about how to ensure that customers would actually:

  1. Share criticism directly with YOU, the owner, and not vent to the world.
  2. Share their love and help others find you.
  3. Attract new customers during slow periods and encourage repeat visits.

And I finally came up with a method for that.

Okay, so who am I, then? My name is Henrik Rudberg and fortunately I have worked with marketing and programming for over 20 years, and I am a bit of a “process nerd” to make things flow and work as well as possible where IT does a lot of the work, but without anyone ever having to know a lot of IT for it!

The method I came up with is based on three principles. Each have a number of problems for which I managed to find solutions:

Principle I. Elevating your Café, Hotel, Restaurant or Bar: A satisfied customer who recommends you to another person.

Problem 1: Encouraging customers to recommend you more.

Problem 2: Convincing customers to choose you, even if they don’t know anyone who’s been there.

My solution: My methodology not only garners more glowing Google and TripAdvisor Reviews but also ensures that these reviews help you reach a broader audience.

Principle II. Enhancing Your Service: Getting concrete feedback if a customer is NOT satisfied.

Problem 1: Customers rarely express dissatisfaction directly.

Problem 2: These negative feedback tends to spread to others.

Problem 3: This results in a bad reputation and bad reviews.

My solution: My methodology prompts customers to share feedback with you, keeping criticism off public platforms. By showing a genuine desire to improve, you reduce negative word-of-mouth.

Principle III. Supercharging Your Business During Slow Times.

Emailing past customers is by far the cheapest and fastest way to let them know that you have space, that you exist, and perhaps have a special offer that will drive more business.

Problem 1: Collecting guest email addresses.

Problem 2: Ensuring it’s done in GDPR compliance.

Problem 3: Efficiently sending emails to a large audience while adhering to GDPR.

My solution: We have you covered. Our system collects email addresses, requests feedback, and, if customers are satisfied, encourages them to write a credible review. You’ll have a reliable database for email marketing.

So, how can you leverage this strategy to garner more customers through stellar reviews, all while automating the collection of email addresses?

Once we set everything up and provide you with our Feedback Cards featuring your logo and contact details, all you need to do is hand one to departing customers. Our web service takes care of the rest.

Here’s what your customers need to do:

  1. Scan the code or visit the designated page using their phone.
  2. Provide their email address.
  3. Rate their likelihood of recommending your business on a scale of 1-10.


If they’re hesitant, they’re only asked what you can do better.

If they score 9 or 10, they answer a few more questions about their experience and have the option to be a reference.

With their consent, they can easily copy their feedback and paste it as a more comprehensive, credible review on your Google Review page. We can also help you gather reviews on other platforms like TripAdvisor or Facebook.

This system empowers you to reach out to customers during slow periods, ensuring a steady flow and improved profitability.

How it works for you:

Here is a short 52-second video on how it works and what you get out of it:


How it works for your guests

Here’s a short 81-second video of what it looks like for your customer so you can see how easy it is:

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