Meeting Booking

Make it 61% more effective with only 15% extra effort
No matter if you have your own in-house meeting-booking department, entrust a third party provider, or even have a meeting-booking firm, you’ll benefit from this technique.

We found:

  • cost drop from €27 down to about €18 per meeting booked, but more importantly:
  • 61% more meetings, which meant
  • 21% meetings booked with our total target group in just one go.
  • …and much nicer and friendlier calls, which makes the work pleasant!

Exactly what is the gain you would make? Download the excel spread-sheet and see for yourself with your figures in it. You’ll also get a power-point presentation with the overview of how to do it, and it’s illustrated through three (3) e-mails.

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Henrik Rudberg

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Meeting Booking and Cold Calling enhancement Interest

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