Otto®—Smarter, Simpler Bulk-CRM

Up-sell or new clients? Otto can help you do both:

Discover the webbased, Swedish CRM-system Otto®. It’s not only smarter by being a CRM, but Otto is a Bulk-CRM. Otto acts as an autopilot for your Inbound and Outbound Marketing when you don’t find or can’t afford as many sales representatives as you’d like and you’re left with 100s, 1 000s or 10 000s contacts per sales guy rather than the normal 20-50 contacts per Account manager that most other CRM-systems are made for.  If it is important for you to up-sell to your existing clients, or to attract new leads? Otto helps both B2B & B2C companies by easily registring all actions by each contact or organisation. It’s even simple to use, you’ll be on your way in only 2 x 45 min training webinars.

CRM Functionality

CRM-systems are good to structure contacts one-by-one and allow managers to track sales forecasts. However, not all are embraced as much by the sales representatives and very few can be used for the bulk-handling of contacts at all, (i.e. allow one sales representative to not only handle 20-50 accounts, but hundreds or thousands). Otto allows you to do both the bulk-handling and the one-by-one handling in a very fast, efficient and rewarding way for both sales manager and sales representative. Because of this efficient functionality we suggest you try it out as a simple CRM-system as well, unless you already have one of course. In that case it’s easy for Otto to integrate with the one you have so your sales representatives doesn’t need to change their behavior, and you’ll still get the effect of Otto’s Bulk-CRM and Autopilot possibilities.

Bulk CRM with Lead & Contact Management

Otto® is built to allow you to handle an unlimited number of contacts as easily as you can handle one. Naturally, this is good if you don’t have any sales representatives (or too few), but you will still have a simple overview of where your contacts are in their own buying-process. You can initiate new communication with a large number of contacts at one time as easy as it is to segment out new lists depending on the information you already have, or why not ask your contacts to segment themselves and create automatic new trigger actions?

Autopilot through Marketing Automation:

When you don’t have as many sales representatives as you’d like, you then need a CRM-system that doesn’t only help you structure manual sales, but it will need to perform alot of the actual sales as well. Otto can perform all such advanced Lead Management features in a simple way. It includes Lead Capturing or Lead Generation via web-forms and trigger-actions, Lead Nurturing (aka drip marketing) and Lead Scoring.

Buyer process mapping

You have heard terms like “unknown visitor”, “sales prospect”, “market qualified lead” and “sales qualified lead” when people have described their sales processes. If you would be buying, would you like to be categorized in such ways?

Clients won’t buy your sales process. They buy according to their own buying process. It can be seen as a small difference in semantics to use wording that both the seller and the buyer can relate to, but the subtle difference is pointing to the important philosophy behind Otto®: You shouldn’t really sell, but make your client want to buy instead.

Newsletters or Personalized email?

From Otto® you could send Newsletters, and personalized emails as well. A number of clients have tested Otto against Mailchimp, Apsis and other typical Newsletter Web-services and have found 3-5 times better action due to each mail being built and sent one-by-one from Otto. This is done with the real e-mail of one (or many) senders to the contacts with each looking as if it was sent directly from Outlook. Even the links are more inviting to click, since they’ll go directly to your site (but will still be trackable with Otto).

Simple Survey

Create as many surveys as you’d like and have the user responses be written directly into the client information you have in the Otto Bulk-CRM. You then have the ability to automatically trigger actions based on their answers.

Trigger Page Actions

Create as many triggers you want. They do things like


  • Automatically add prospects to lists and automated emails, based on what they have clicked on.
  • Increase or decrease their Lead Score depending on which pages someone visits.
  • Increase status from “Aware” to “Interested” when they’ve looked at your pricing page.
  • Add monetary value to track a “sort of RoI of a campaign” even before a purchase has been made.
  • Add them to or take them away from a calling list, or to a new automated email sequence of information, or remove them from an automated email sequence (e.g. have purchased and you want to move them to your post-sales follow-up email or an up-selling email).

Seminar, webinar & other event-bookings and registrations

Create the full sequence of invitations, booking-forms, and reminders in a way that will show the highest professionalism and the highest turn-out with minimal effort.

Meeting Booking system

Support for quickly dialing through your lists using Click to Dial, and the ability to not only set up meetings for yourself, but also for one or more third parties making it the perfect system for Meeting Bookers. It supports not only Outlook, but also native Google and iPhone calendars avoiding the mess when booking from Outlook and your clients see the events on other devices.

Trackable Quote- and Doc-maker

Create PDF or HTML Quotes with links that you can track whether your prospective client is really interested or not, and whether they have shared the PDF with another person. .

Marketing and Deals Pipeline RoI-tracker

Marketing and Deals Pipeline RoI-tracker: Track whether a campaign is really delivering the effect that you expected for the money spent and track where are your current deals in the sales process with a client.

Marketing Campaign builder

A sales process should be easy, but sometimes, there are too many options available, it’s important to both have all the details and be able to see an overview of your marketing campaign. This is where Otto®’s built-in Campaign Planner comes in, you can more easily structure more advanced campaigns with unlimited steps across all types of marketing & sales channels.

Cross-Media Multi-Channel Marketing

Otto® does not only support e-mails like all Marketing Automation systems, but it supports full cross-media direct marketing for creating trackable Personal short URLs and trackable QR-codes for print, Otto also supports sales calls by phone, meeting-booking with calendar insertion, trade show follow-up and sms.

Volley Marketing and IP-tracking

With Otto you can have web-site visitors from business organizations written directly into Otto as “Radar Blips”, and you have three choices to communicate with the individuals behind your web-visits:
i) Call and find out yourself,
ii) Let Softtalk call and find out who to talk to. (Extra option), or
iii) Automatically read contact details with e-mail addresses to leading company officials from Bisnode so you can automatically start communicating with them. (Extra option).

Social Media Integration

With powerful Hootsuite-, WordPress- and Buffer-integration, suddenly it will become easier to reach out with what you have to say across all media. (Extra option)

Personalized Digital Print

With the PURL and QR-code creator, you will be able to track action from physical send-outs.

SMS sendouts

With the added SMS-integration, you would be able to add SMS to your notifications and nurturing. (Extra option)

Research shows results that are almost hard to believe:

According to Forrester Research your customer acquisition cost would be reduced by 33%.
Gartner Group and CSO Insights say that it is possible to save the implementation cost within the first 6-9 months and we often see it faster. It would also lead to generally 47% higher order value. If the most important way to reach new customers is through booking meetings and/or through cold calls, then the results are that you’re reaching around 40-60% more.

We always want to deliver the best and to the best value we can and we want you to be completely satisfied. Therefore, we offer our Double Guarantee with the best value and absolute satisfaction: If you find another product with as much or more functionality at a lower price, we’ll do our best to get you the same benefits and will beat the price for all the future, and if we can’t, or if you’re not completely satisfied, you can always leave and and will be refunded any payment for a time more than 30 days out.

There are a couple of different sizes of Otto, from the lone entrepreneur to larger companies. You can easily start with the lowest model and then add users after a while. See Otto’s larger packages here.

We suggest you start with Otto® Light that includes much or perhaps all of what you need already:

Try now: $99/month