Top 5 Changes in Marketing Budgets for 2020.

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What we’ll see more of in 2020 Marketing Budgets

In 2020, a lot will be happening to Marketing Budgets. This is what we’ll see much more of:

  1. ➊ Training. Sure, we will still do a lot of youtubing to learn things, but we will rely more on more qualified instructors to go through what we need to know in niched areas.
  2. ➋ Video and Usability design. Yes, you may think of this as two separate things, but they’re quite interrelated as video is often a pretty good way to convey how to do things.
  3. ➌ Marketing Budgets themselves will be re-vitalized: The planning, budgeting and Analytics will have greater importance. To be able to provide proof of what Marketing money should be spent where is going to be a must.
  4. ➍ Buying centric tools and systems, coming from Customer Journeys’ perspective. This includes improved search, facilitated online engagement as in e.g. online chat. And it’s about connecting previous purchases to new buyers like the digitized Word-of-Mouth marketing Google provides with Google Reviews and services that bring them together.
  5. ➎ Copywriting. Good old fashioned copywriting has not really been in the focus during twenty years of widgetry, growing-out-of-control systems and visibility and looks-galore and diminishing time to make an impression. We may be less prone to want to spend much time reading now, but what is actually written will become even more important.

The things we will see much less of in 2020 Marketing Budgets:

  1. ➊ Focus on “unique design”. No worries, Art Directors will likely still have a lot to do, but their focus is going to be much more on Usability than on creating something unique, at least when it comes to on-line design.
  2. ➋ Search Enginge Optimization or SEO. As back-links and on-page SEO loose its importance to the real customer experience, it’s by creating an end-to-end positive and authentic user experience that will ultimately provide also the right search engine rankings as everything is now dependent on what others actually say in Google Reviews and similar.
  3. ➌ Selling-centric systems. As power swing from seller to buyer, the whole mindset on how to look at systems support will gravitate from selling-centric to buyer-centric.
  4. ➍ Content-without-a-plan. Content Marketing and Social Media engagement has grown considerably in the last 10 years, but “just being present” will not cut it anymore. Again, it’s the buyer-centric approaches that will win. What is really intriguing for “my” type of clients?
  5. ➎ Off-line media. On-line will continue to pull the marketing budgets no matter how much we also see it leads to barren news media as diminishing budgets also means less thorough good journalism.

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