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Event-Tool: Follow-Ups made Fun & Easy

If you use our Contact Connector on your iPad/Android – with our marketing automation system Otto®, your collection of news contacts will be a breeze, and your follow-up both professional and prompt. If this doesn’t get you more active customers, you’ll get your money back!

This is More than a badge-scanner

You will be able to easily build a web-form on your iPad or tablet with the most important contact details you need from your visitors. Then you can just ask your visitors to fill it out, or do it yourself, and you have secured a swift and professional follow-up with them: Already before the event you can indicate what kind of follow-up should be done to what category of visitors, and if it should be per e-mail, per physical send-out or by phone. You won’t even have to remember to do it, it all happens automatically.


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Henrik Rudberg, Automation Expert at Cnvert

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