Rent-a-Marketer: Hyr en marknadsförare


It’s the first time for me to take a course on-line and hire someone on-line, but the Marketing Automation work has really been great! Everything was explained thoroughly, and it was fun to try out how everything you normally don’t have time for…

Before I decided to try out Cnvert for my Marketing Automation and mailings, I thought it was a rather big step. I wasn’t sure that it would be any better than Mailchimp that I used before. Despite the fact I first didn’t think it looked as good, I soon realized that the results of 3-4 times higher response was worth much more and that the focus needed to be on the message rather than the looks.

We started using Otto in 2011 and since it worked out well, we’re now used it for some years. However, we wanted to know HOW well, so before one Christmas, we tried four different suppliers of e-mail systems and it turned out Otto was outperforming all and even achieved 2,9 times higher deliverability than the number 2!

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