Otto® Training
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Discover how to use Otto® with our free webinars:

Otto® Webinar I – Beginner
Otto® Webinar II – Intermediate
Otto® Webinar III – Advanced

Otto® I – Beginner: New to Otto®

Friday, Dec 20: 2pm-2.45pm (CET) When’s this in my time-zone?
Friday, Jan 10: 2pm-2.45pm (CET)



  • Contact management – how to add and edit contacts, and how to import them.
  • List management – how to add and edit lists, and how to add contacts to them.
  • E-mail marketing and Newsletters – how to write and send-out e-mails to a list.
  • Simple tag references – how to insert simple tags / variables, such as a personalized firstname in an e-mail
  • User management – how to add and edit users, and how to use signatures.
  • Set up OK – Checklist to see your Otto® tracker is set up OK.

Otto® II – Intermediate: Marketing Automation with Otto®



  • Sequences – discover how you can automate follow-up using sequences.
  • Events in a sequence – discover the differences between messages and notifications and the difference vis-à-vis newsletters.
  • Web-site code – how can you capture web-site visitors
  • Web-site visitor tracking – how to see your visitors
  • Lead Scoring and filtering – how to score and filter your web-site visitors.
  • Exercise – how can you use the form-builder and marketing automation sequences.

Otto® III – Advanced: Structuring and Writing Marketing Automation Sequences



  • Dashboards – discover how to get data access and statistics easily.
  • Tactics for Segmentation – discover how you can let users segment themselves.
  • Tactics for structuring a sequence – how do you structure a sequence?
  • Tactics for writing – how do you write and format an e-mail to make the audience act.
  • Advanced tag references – how to insert more advanced tags / variables
  • Advanced Content Marketing – how to set up landing-pages, tweets and linkedin posts in just one go
  • Doc Maker – how to set up documents for e.g. esignatures
  • Bulk Actions – how to make many changes at once
  • Act on Actions – how to trigger a new sequence depending on actions
  • Cross Media – how to set up personal URLs (PURL) and QR codes for print marketing
  • Exercise – how can you use marketing automation sequences?