GDPR kompatibelt Content Marketing Management

Oh, no, should I start blogging and tweeting now ?!

GDPR compatible Content Marketing Management made easy

Hmm, yes, but we should. Wheat wheat 17 how to get started with Content Marketing. I'd like to know a little bit more about ...

Systems are dead, long live systems

The truth is that Content Marketing is complex enough as it is. You must always work in a methodically structured way, and therefore you either need to create a system for yourself, or you make life easier for you by using the developed methodology that we ourselves apply. It facilitates that it comes with a system that helps you create newsletters, landing pages, tweets and posts in a flow, but in principle you can of course use any IT support since we do not believe in locking anyone without always make sure to do something as good as possible so you want to stay, but above all because we are happy to help set up everything so that it works with all connections to LinkedIn, Twitter accounts etc., or that you have a system for how to get content so that you don’t have to have a staff of 3-4 man.

Ah, now we're talking...

So when is this a good solution?

You probably already work with a web publishing tool (Content Management System or CMS) to manage your web page. It can be WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Episerver or whatever. You may also use an e-commerce system such as Magento and / or manage customer data in CRM systems such as Dynamics, Salesforce, Lundalogik, Superoffice or the like. Or just in Excel for that matter. All those parts are good in their areas, and you probably both want and will continue to use them. For e-mail, social media, survey tools, content calendar, web tracking, IP address tracking etc. various areas, there are also other good systems for each individual area, but we have not seen anything that works really well when it comes to the actual marketing and sounds you do everything in a flow,

So what would this do for you?

It will help you:

  • Newsletter
  • Personal mailings (even directly from many users to their respective contacts if there are many in your organization)
  • Physical mailings (which are made traceable because the system creates short Personal URLs
  • Tweets
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Follow up content and contacts and see who is interested in what, even who interacts with your social media posts
  • Track not only how the web is used with Google Analytics with which the system interacts, but also track users and organizations with the complementary Otto tracker
  • Capture, cultivate and grade leads and contacts
  • Set up the forms, surveys and evaluations you want through the form builder you use with drag-n-drop to capture the right data from your contacts
  • Make event invitations, take alerts, send reminders and follow-ups

Cannon, so how can we see more about how it would look and work for us?

Register for a web demo and a review of your prerequisites here: