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The Strategic Marketer
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8 GDPR Questions You Need to Ask Yourself (Infographic)

It doesn’t matter what department you are involved in within an organisation, most likely you will be handling some sort of personal data. Because of this, the GDPR is a significant legislation which is going to have far reaching effects. This infographic from the team here at Sonician outlines 8 questions you need the answer to and begin asking of your organisation.

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The Top 8 Digital Trends to Watch in 2017

As more and more organisations see the importance of ‘going digital’, digital trends have become a hot topic. Not only because of the growing importance but also because of the constant dynamism of the industry, it is important to keep open to new emerging movements in the digital world. Here are 8 digital trends that may be impacting your business sooner than you think.

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The One Piece of Sales Prospecting Advice That Changed My Career

Sales prospecting is one of those eternal challenges for anyone involved in sales. You may hit a hot streak and make a lot of sales in a short amount of time, but then following this you have no more leads to follow up on. This article outlines some key sales advice on how to prospect and find new leads.

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10 Tips to Troubleshoot Your Facebook Ads

Facebook has seamlessly moved into the world of organisational digital advertisement. As a marketer these days it is almpost impossible to keep up with all changes and digital platforms. If you have been struggling with gaining success with your digital Facebook ads, have a look at these 10 awesome tips to help you get on top.

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