On Achieving Goals, on Reporting Tips and Employee Engagement (Weekly Prospector #24 2017)

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The Strategic Marketer
from the creators of Otto®

Achieving Goals: Here’s Why you Haven’t Achieved Yours Yet

Setting goals can be one of the most difficult skills to learn and teach yourself. The process of setting goals that drive you to pursuing success in different areas of your life can be difficult. This artcile from Brian Tracy outlines what is critical in your own goal setting and tips on how to turn it in the right direction.

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7 Social Media Analytics & Reporting Tips for Becoming a Data Savvy Marketer

Marketers these days are facing an enormous list of data and metrics that need to be followed, from bounce rates, to leads generated per channel, to conversion rates and the list goes on. This article focuses in on helping marketers get an understanding of which metrics to focus on in the social media world to help you blow your boss away with insightful and helpful data.

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7 Excellent Reasons to Focus on Employee Engagement

Managing employees isn’t easy and at times can be extremely difficult and stressful. That’s why great managers earn big money because of their skills being able to lead and manage. This article outlines why it’s important as a manager to monitor the levels of engagement within your team and why letting engagement levels fall can be a big danger sign.

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