GDPR compliant B2B Content Marketing Management System

GDPR compliant B2B Content Marketing Management made Easy

Oh, not another system?!

Systems are dead, long live systems

The truth is Content Marketing is complex enough, so you always have to work in a methodical, structured way, and therefore you need to either create a system for yourself for how to do it, or you just need to make life simpler for you by using a system that will also help you create newsletters, landing-pages, tweets and posts in one go.

Hmm, but it is tough to handle Content Marketing, I’d like to know more about that…!

So when is this a good fit?

You probably work with a Content Management System (CMS) to handle your website. It can be WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Episerver based or whatever. You might also use e-commerce systems like Magento and/or you might keep your sales data in CRM-systems like Dynamics, Salesforce Sugar or similar.

Ah, now we’re talking…

So what would this do for us?

It will help you:

  • Manage content and contacts
  • Distribute it as:
    • Newsletters
    • Personal send-outs (even directly from many users to their own respective contacts if there are many in your organization)
    • Physical send-outs (which are made trackable since the system will create short Personal URLs
    • Tweets
    • LinkedIn Posts
  • Follow-up content and contacts in all these areas
  • Not only track your web-usage which you do with the Google Analytics that it integrates with, but also track users and organisations with the complementing otto-tracker
  • Capture, nurture and score leads and contacts
  • Set up any forms, surveys, polls with a drag-and-drop form-builder to capture the right data
  • Do event invitations, registrations, send reminders and followup

Great, so how do we get to see more on how it could work for us?

    I would like to get the next possible time to go through the GDPR's risks, opportunities and a concrete action plan to keep going

    Make work easy

    When you don't have the resources to make and distribute content yourself, our Marketers can make the whole process happen with a clear focus on generating more leads for you.

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